A special gift from a special someone :)

Photo0560A MERRY MERRY christmas to all. I wish all of you the best to come into your life

Today, i am very happy because someone very close to my heart gave me a ferrero rocher! Im very thankful to what he has given me, not only the material things he has given me but including the happy and sad moments we have shared together. Im just that proud, that is why i published this. 🙂

I hope you have all enjoyed your christmas day!


my very FIRST Slurpeeee!


Slurpee is a drink that can be bought in any seven eleven store. Actually, I dont like it that much it’s just that, that certain slurpee in the picture is my first! It would really make me happy if i share this to you, so i really did. Im just that very sentimental in almost all of things.

tahooooooo!! strawberry taho kayo jan!


First of all, i would like to apologize for a very late update. I promise to make it up to all of you.

Last December 12, 2012, me and some classmates were bound to go to Baguio City. It was really a long journey before we reach Baguio. While we were there, i was really amazed when i saw someone selling a strawberry taho because it was my first time seeing that. By that, i immediately bought one and actually i enjoyed eating it.

When you go to Baguio, you should try their strawberry taho too.