This amusing blog is ALL about food, food, and nothing but FOOD. From appetizers, main dishes, desserts and all the food that your brains can think of! This blog may serve as a guide to all the people out there who likes nothing but food. For people, who can’t stay doing nothing except eating and will do everything whatever it may take them just to feed their stomachs with scrumptious, mouth-watering and addicting delicacies and goodies.


Hello there! The author of this blog really really really do love eating. With the help of this blog the author can finally get to express her long and waiting agitation to burst out. Well, so much about this blog “thingy”. Lets get to know the author beforehand.

Hey! The name’s Kathrina. I am fifteen years of age and a few days from now i’ll be turning sixteen. I am a fourth-year student in a well and prestige academe and soon i will be going to college. I belong in a class which is science-oriented.  I love the color blue and of course pink. I love watching movies and listening to music too. I like people who are true to themselves, and if they are good to me i’ll also be good to them. I am a little happy-go-lucky person, i really don’t mind what the future will bring me as long as I am loved by the people that i really treasure then life is too perfect for me to waste. There is so much for me to share about myself but it would take me so much time to write it all here. But, there’s one significant thing that matches me. FOOD!


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